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Here's the complete list of books that i completed reading in 2006. I'll admit that some of them i didn't *start* reading in that year. But then i started books that i haven't finished until 2007, so shut up.

I also realize that some of these are graphic novels. Again, please shut up.

1) The Voyage of the Star Wolf by David Gerrold

2) The Greedy Bastard Diary by Eric Idle

3) H.P. LovecraftÕs Arkham by Chaosium

4) The Middle of Nowhere by David Gerrold

5) All Flesh Must Be Eaten by Eden Studios

6) Mansions of Madness by Chaosium

7) Revolution in the Valley by Andy Hertzfeld

8) The Alienist by Caleb Carr

9) Stiff by Mary Roach

10) Flood by Andrew Vachss

11) The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore and Kevin OÕNeil (including all that shit in the back!!!)

12) Blood and Fire by David Gerrold

13) Y: The Last Man vol. 1 by Vertigo Comics

14) Miskatonic University by Chaosium

15) Y: The Last Man vol. 2 by Vertigo

16) Fawlty Towers: A WorshipperÕs Companion by Lars Holger Holm

17) Cold Service by Robert B. Parker

18) Pythons: an Autobiography by The Pythons

19) The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks

20) Y: The Last Man vol. 3 by Vertigo

21) Y: The Last Man vol. 4 by Vertigo

22) The Great Old Ones by Chaosium

23) Y: The Last Man vol. 5 by Vertigo

24) Something M.Y.T.H. inc - by Robert Aspirin

25) MYTH-ion Improbable by Robert Aspirin

26) Y: The Last Man vol. 6 by Vertigo

27) Tales of the Miskatonic Valley by Chaoisum

28) Arkham Tales by Chaosium

29) Y: The Last Man vol. 7 by Vertigo

30) The Resurrected III: Out of the Vault by Pagan Publishing

31) Y: The Last Man vol. 8 by Vertigo

32) Fragments of Fear by Chaosium

33) Serenity Official Visual Companion by Joss Whedon