Pt. 2- The First Scenario (and first blood)

After we'd taken a session to go through character generation, I started the group with their first adventure, the Edge of Darkness, in which a dying Rupert Merriweather hires the investigators to travel to Ross' Corners, and rid an old house of a...thing that had been summoned by Merriweather and his friends back in their college days. In an early demonstration of good roleplaying by Duane, Hayashada sticks his head through the door to the attic after hearing some scratching sounds, only to have his face clawed to bits. He survived, and the group managed to dispel the thing.

I wanted to get the group started on a longer campaign, so I went out and got Day Of The Beast. Unfortunately, I didn't do any research before getting DOTB, which is too bad; I know now that Masks of Nyarlathotep or Beyond the Mountains of Madness are much better.

At any rate, the first scenario was a bit similar to the first one, and was called Suffer Little Children. The Tannerhill House was being haunted by a couple kids, as well as the psycho mother who physically and mentally abused them (killing one in the process). It took the adventurers to figure out what happened (evil step-mom sort of deal). The highlight of this scenario was a séance session during which the investigators contacted the little boy who all accounts, my impression of the little boy freaked the shit out of the players. Heh heh heh.

The next adventure after this one was Black Hills, Blackest Secrets, where the group traveled to South Dakota to unravel the mystery of a mining camp slowly going bonkers. Turns out there were some Insects from Shaggai around, and they were using the miners for their own ends. The players soon got a taste of their own mortality when a couple of them nearly got killed from falling debris in a mine shaft...Lucy was also possessed by a Shan, albeit temporarily.

I believe that it was around this time that the characters established a home base at Smuntz's brownstone house in Boston. Lucy took up residence in the small cottage in the backyard, and Hayashada moved from his dingy little apartment in Arkham to an upstairs room.

Afterwards, the group got their first taste of Innsmouth when I took them through the People Change scenario seed. I needed some way of tying the group into the Escape From Innsmouth campaign, but I didn't want to hit them over the head with it; instead, gradually work it into the overall spectrum. And a simple missing persons case seemed like the right trick. So, the group investigated the disappearance of Adam Wilkes; his fiancé suspected infidelity, but the group discovered otherwise. Wilkes, it turns out, had blood of the Deep Ones running through his veins, and had gone to Innsmouth to complete his transformation. Wilkes' fiancé followed the investigators, who had caught him in mid-ceremony. Going mad, she killed Wilkes, then ran off.

Part 3- The Innsmouth Trail (or, "Is That Fish I Smell?")