Horror On the Orient Express Character Booklets!

That's right, kiddies. For the first time, i'm making available, free to download, the character booklets that i created for my group's Horror on the Orient Express campaign. Totalling eight pages, included a doublesided cover, the booklet folds (or staples) into digest size. There are sections for all the character's stats, history, adventuring gear and posessions, passengers encountered, locations and cities visited, and more. Here are some screen shots to give you an idea of what it looks like:

Is there a catch to any of this? Nope. Not a thing.

Here's the technical mumbo-jumbo. These files were created in PageMaker 6.5, and on a Mac. I've compressed all the files into a .sit file for your convenience. Sorry, PC users- for once, Mac geeks are getting the better part of deal.

Feel free to muck about and change these as you see fit. I plan on making a variant of this for the upcoming Beyond the Mountains of Madness campaign i'll be running with my group. If you make your own booklet, and want to share with the class, let me know, and i'll put them up here.

You can download the .sit file by clicking here!