Review Ratings:

Here's my rating system for my Cthulhu reviews. Obviously, 10 is the best, 1 is the worst...

10 Sanity Points- My head just exploded

9 Sanity Points- There is nothing but a black void. Our existence is pointless under the Elder Gods.

8 Sanity Points- The walls! The walls!!! They're bleeding and stretching!!!

7 Sanity Points- i just peed my pants

6 Sanity Points- *sounds of weeping*

5 Sanity Points- I'm going to go in a corner and hide...

4 Sanity Points- Okay, that's kinda creepy.

3 sanity points- mother is more frightening.

2 sanity points- Right. You're trying to scare me. Uh huh.

1 sanity point- *yawn*